WWE Power Rankings

Updated May 19th 2017


 1. Bray Wyatt – Monday Night Raw

Bray Wyatt maintains his spot atop the mountain with yet another strong week. He is being billed wonderfully right now and his match with Seth Rollins was fantastic. The kicker was going over both Seth and Somoa Joe after the DQ bell rung. Excited to see where Bray ends up next, hopefully holding red and gold.

 2. Jinder Mahal – Smackdown Live!

Jinder makes a good jump from 5 to 2 this week with a strong show on Tuesday night. His mic work was good but he really looked strong going into Backlash. It would still be a shock if he won the title from Randy Orton, but less than it wouldve been even a week ago. Nice work from him.

 3. Roman Reigns – Monday Night Raw 

Roman blazes onto the list with an outstanding match with Finn Balor. Roman played to his injured arm very well and his chemistry with Finn was apparent. After going over Braun to write him off television, Reigns has a pretty big wave of momentum that makes me feel like he is the guy to face Lesnar, but we will see.

 4. Alexa Bliss – Monday Night Raw 

Alexa falls down the rankings a little this week as it was really just more of the same for her. Not particularly a bad thing, but it is starting to tread water. It was nice to see her using the kendo stick, but one shot and done? Not as vicious as I’d like to see from Little Miss Bliss. Not sold on the kendo stick on the pole match either, but maybe Alexa can make it work.

 5. Dean Ambrose – Monday Night Raw 

Another guys who pole vaults his way onto the rankings this week, Dean’s work with the Miz has been great. While the Miz technically won the match, Dean comes out looking stronger and is still the Champ. Their match was extremely well done, but it did more for Dean than the Miz.

 6. Randy Orton – Smackdown Live! 

Yet another riser, the WWE Champion finally had some good come his way despite also taking it from Jinder to close out Smackdown. He had an extremely solid match with Baron Corbin and went over convincingly with a great out of nowhere RKO. My money is on Orton retaining this weekend at Backlash.

 7. The Miz – Monday Night Raw

Well I think it is safe to say the WWE did a nice job of shaking things up this week, particularly on Raw. As previously stated the Miz worked a damn fine match with Dean Ambrose this week. What helps him land on the list was his mic skills on top of it.

 8. Breezango – Smackdown Live! 

Breezango had a solid if unspectacular match with the Colon’s this week that showcased some funny moments. The real reason they are on the rankings this week however was Fashion Files episode 3.

 9. Kevin Owens – Smackdown Live! 

Owens was able to stay in the top ten this week riding his wave from the previous week while showcasing an ok opening segment, the Highlight Reel with Kevin Owens.

 10. Finn Balor – Monday Night Raw 

Finn drops down the top ten after having Roman Reigns go over him, however he maintains a spot on the top ten for having an amazing match in the process.

Honorable Mentions: Cesaro and Sheamus, Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe