Shinsuke Nakamura def. Dolph Ziggler ★★★ If you read my review of Smackdown this week, you know I got a preview for this match after the 205 Live tapings in person. My reaction to that was lukewarm at best and my expectations were therefore lowered for this match. The Backlash bout […]

Backlash Review 5/21/17

Roderick Strong def. Eric Young (w/Sanity) ★★★★1/2 Wow. What an opening match. This crowd found out what Takovers are like from the get go. Roddy came out after Sanity, attacking Killian and Wolfe from behind in hopes to take them out of the fray early on. It was a nice touch […]

NXT Takeover: Chicago Review

Drew McIntyre def. Sean Maluta ★★★ This was a squash match, but it was wonderfully done. It was a good showcase for what Maluta is capable of, giving him some innovative spots and making him look like a true competitor with bonafide star Drew across the ring. Despite that, it did […]

NXT Review 5/17/17

Kevin Owens’ Highlight Reel ★★ Pretty standard fair from all involved in the opening segment of Smackdown. Kevin was less eloquent than his typical delivery, AJ was solid on the mic, and Jinder was Jinder. It is a little worrisome after all the tread he is getting that Mahal has not […]

Smackdown Live! Review 5/16/17

After weeks of feeling as though RAW was in a sort of holding pattern, Monday’s show was a big hit for the Red Brand.  There was a lot to praise about RAW this week (and of course some low points) so let’s dive on in. Kurt Angle Promo (ft. Seth […]

RAW Review May 15, 2017

Aleister Black def. Cezar Bononi ★★1/2 Another squash match for the impressive Aleister Black. He shows it off with a cool rope flip into the sitting position to avoid crashing and burning on a dive attempt. That was the most interesting part of the match as Black really didnt add much […]

NXT Review 5/10/17

Opening Segment feat. Randy Orton, Jinder Mahal w/ Singh Bros., Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, and Sami Zayn ★★ Enough guys to open the show? Its funny, Raw has an absentee champion with no feud to speak of while Smackdown can’t help but throw guys into the title picture. Randy […]

Smackdown Live! Review 5/9/17

RAW came to us from London this week, which usually means a mix of things.  With a notoriously inattentive crowd could the Red Brand produce a show to captivate the audience both at home and live? Let’s take a look at how things unfolded during WWE’s show abroad. Dean Ambrose […]

RAW Review May 8, 2017

Killian Dane def. Danny Burch ★★1/2 I gotta commend Danny Burch, it was a good showing for him despite Killian going over pretty impressively. Dane’s in ring style really reminds me of Bray Wyatt, but I think Dane cane incorporate more of a big man style to his game. I like […]

NXT Review May 3rd 2017

Opening Segment feat. Shane McMahon, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, and Kevin Owens ★★★ The opening to this weeks show was extremely solid. First and foremost, we have Shane introduce the guy everyone can’t wait to see on Smackdown, the incomparable Chris Jericho. Jericho pulls his usual antics, but before it can […]

Smackdown Live! Review May 2nd 2017